Number of shares which will be repurchased from those shareholders opposing the transfer of the company’s registered office to the UK

Pompey (France), 26 November 2013 (18.00 CET): In its meeting today, the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Global Graphics (NYSE Euronext: GLOG) recorded that the number of shares for which a valid share repurchase request has been received by the Company amounts to a total of 76,780 shares, which are expected to be repurchased by the Company before the end of the current financial year.

Nombre d’actions qui seront rachetees aux actionnaires opposes au transfert du siege social au Royaume-Uni

Pompey (France), le 26 novembre 2013 (18.00) – le conseil d’administration de Global Graphics SE (NYSE-Euronext : GLOG) qui s’est réuni ce jour a constaté avoir reçu des demandes de rachat d’actions valides portant sur un total de 76 780 actions, qui seront rachetées par la Société avant le terme de l’exercice en cours.