Result of the Annual General Meeting

Cambridge (UK) 15 May 2019: Global Graphics PLC (Euronext: GLOG) announces the result of its Annual General Meeting (“AGM”).  At the Company’s Annual General Meeting held today, the resolutions proposed at the meeting were passed without amendment.  Details of the resolutions passed are available in the Notice of the Annual General Meeting, which is available on the Company’s website at  Board of directors  Effective from the […]

Durst’s Print Workflow gets ready for PrintFlat

Global Graphics Software and Durst’s system integrators, Prepress Digital, have worked together to prepare the Durst Print Workflow for PrintFlat™, the ground-breaking screening software that smooths out inkjet printhead non-uniformity. Durst are exhibiting the Symphony workflow at FESPA stand B4-J10. PrintFlat mitigates the variations that can occur when a print-bar is first built and as […]

New features for labels and packaging in latest Harlequin release

The latest update to the Harlequin RIP®, Version 12.1, the print engine that drives the industry’s highest performing digital presses, is announced today by developers Global Graphics Software. Harlequin Version 12.1 introduces additional features for labels and packaging workflows, notably support for the new ISO standard for processing technical marks, and expanded support for systems […]

Vorstellung neuer funktionen für etiketten und verpackungen in der neuesten harlequin-version

Die Entwickler von Global Graphics Software stellen heute das neueste Update, Version 12.1, für Harlequin RIP® vor – der leistungsfähigen Drucktechnologie für die branchenweit leistungsfähigsten digitalen Druckpressen. Harlequin Version 12.1 bietet zusätzliche Funktionen für Etiketten- und Verpackungs-Workflows und unterstützt insbesondere nun die neue ISO-Norm für die Verarbeitung technischer Marken und in erweiterter Form Systeme, die […]

Nouvelles fonctionnalités pour les étiquettes et les emballages dans la dernière version de Harlequin

Les développeurs de Global Graphics Software annoncent aujourd’hui la dernière mise à jour (version 12.1) du RIP® Harlequin, le moteur d’impression choisi pour exploiter les presses numériques les plus performantes de l’industrie. Harlequin version 12.1 introduit des fonctionnalités supplémentaires pour les workflows d’étiquetage et d’emballage, notamment la prise en charge de la nouvelle norme ISO pour le […]

Nuove funzioni per etichette e packaging nell’ultima versione di Harlequin

Cambridge (Regno Unito), 9 maggio 2019: gli sviluppatori di Global Graphics Software hanno annunciato oggi l’ultimo aggiornamento di Harlequin RIP®, versione 12.1, il motore di stampa alla base dei sistemi di stampa digitale più efficienti del settore. Harlequin versione 12.1 introduce funzionalità aggiuntive per i flussi di lavoro di etichette e packaging, in particolare il […]

Nuevas características para etiquetas y embalajes en última versión de Harlequin

los desarrolladores Global Graphics Software han anunciado hoy la última actualización de Harlequin RIP®, versión 12.1, el motor de impresión que impulsa las imprentas digitales con mayor rendimiento del sector. La versión 12.1 de Harlequin incorpora funciones adicionales para los flujos de trabajo de etiquetas y embalajes, y, en particular, su compatibilidad con la nueva norma ISO […]

Open meeting for beneficial owners

Cambridge (UK) 8 May 2019: Global Graphics PLC (Euronext: GLOG) announces an open meeting for beneficial owners to meet the Board.  Following the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) of Global Graphics PLC (the “Company”) the Directors will hold an open meeting for those beneficial owners of shares in the Company that are unable to attend the AGM and wish to meet the Board for an open question […]