Global Graphics announces a new partner program for its embedded RIP SDK

Global Graphics  has launched a new partner program for printer/MFP manufacturers under which they can evaluate Global Graphics’ new version of its embedded technology – the Harlequin PLUS Embedded SDK – on multiple evaluation platforms to familiarize themselves with its high-quality, performance, facilities and the flexible APIs that make it easy for them to integrate into their products.

"Under this new partner program we have ported our SDK to a number of different platforms to make it easier for manufacturers to evaluate and conduct early testing of our technology", says Martin Bailey, Global Graphics’ chief technology officer. "For example, we could provide a Power PC PPC603 -based controller board running under VXWorks RTOS driving a state-of-the-art desktop color tandem laser printer.  We can also offer a number of other  controller-boards / RTOS  platforms such as an ARM-based board running MontaVista RTOS, or any other platform of the manufacturer’s choice.  If required, a member of our Technical Services team can be assigned to each partner on the program because our philosophy is that interactive joint design and development with our customers produces the optimum result in terms of product performance, quality, product unit manufacturing cost, time to market and development/integration costs.”

One of the benefits of the new Partner program is that printer manufacturers will receive technical information and support which will allow them to understand how to integrate their own technology with Global Graphics’ technology through a robust set of APIs.   If printer manufacturers prefer to do most of the integration themselves and require little support from Global Graphics, Source Code can be made available.  These highly -flexible APIs allow for easy integration of OEM or third-party technology, including color management, font handling, screening or compression/decompression technology.

Support for PCL 5c, 5e and XL will now be added to the new version of the Harlequin PLUS Embedded SDK which already provides native support for PostScript, PDF and XPS across a wide range of embedded controller architectures and operating systems.  Native processing of a Page Description Language, without conversion to another format, results in increased print fidelity and performance.

The Harlequin PLUS Embedded SDK is a compact and efficient software kernel with a modular architecture that enables small footprint and low memory operation. These characteristics, combined with highly configurable support for multiple PDL formats and sophisticated graphics and color handling routines, present a software solution that is suitable for a wide range of devices and whose extensive configuration options facilitate integration with an OEM’s printer controller software.

The Harlequin PLUS Embedded SDK is one product in a new range of SDKs for driver-based, embedded and server-based solutions that use Global Graphics’ next-generation RIP technology.  The new solutions share a common core architecture that delivers industry-leading high-performance output levels and ensures consistency across a manufacturer’s product lines, including legacy devices and workflows, resulting in reduced support costs and accelerated product development cycles.
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