Global Graphics’ PDF technology powers new application from Dainippon Screen

  Global Graphics’ PDF technology has been used to provide a powerful feature in a new application launched into the Japanese market by Screen.  LeafThrough allows office users to flip through the pages of multiple electronic documents on their computer monitor, just like turning the pages of a book, without the need to launch application software to view the files.  Screen is planning to export LeafThrough outside Japan from late 2008 onwards.

Screen selected PDF technology from Global Graphics’ new eDocument Library because it has the capability to produce preview images very quickly from PDF files and will allow Screen to add new features to the application in the future including XPS viewing capability and advanced text search features.  According to Screen’s Koji Hatada of Software Ten-nines Company, the eDocument Library was easy to use and as a result they were able to minimise their time to market.

LeafThrough is licenced in standalone and server versions.  It is aimed principally at office users who, every day, create and refer to many different files.  With LeafThrough a user can have many electronic documents open on their monitor at any one time and can search text strings from all the documents to find a target document file very quickly, with the visual motion of the pages turning over. LeafThrough Standalone Version allows the user to find documents using a desktop search engine and to flip through the pages.  The LeafThrough Server Version creates display data from the document on the server so that the user can review pages.  A LeafThrough Viewer is available to office users for viewing company internal documents by connecting client PCs to the company’s Server.

In addition, Screen plans to sell a LeafThrough Contents Viewer to providers of content on DVDs who need viewing technology and search capabilities as well as to software vendors who might want to integrate LeafThrough as a new viewing feature into their own systems.  They will also look to expand LeafThrough into web-based applications in the future.

Within one architecture the eDocument Library meets market demands for smarter applications that can not only smoothly handle the conversion of one document format to another, but allow every aspect of document content to be accessed and/or modified.  eDocument Library provides powerful file format conversion, manipulation, analysis and optimization capabilities with support for industry standard Page Description Languages such as PostScript, PDF, PCL and XPS as well as proprietary formats.

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