Global Graphics® Shows Next-Generation Harlequin RIP®, Launches a Harlequin RIP Web Portal and Previews New Solutions for Transactional Print at drupa

Global Graphics will debut several innovative developments at drupa: the next-generation JDF-enabled Harlequin RIP® – the Harlequin PLUS Server RIP (v.8.0) – which is the first graphic arts RIP to process natively XPS, PDF and PostScript®; a new online community and store at for Harlequin RIP users; and new technology for transactional and transpromo printing and web-to-print and publish. Global Graphics is the sponsor of the PDF and XML Parc (in the dip Hall 7) and is also participating in live JDF workflows in the CIP4 JDF Experience Parc.

New features in the Harlequin PLUS Server RIP that will be demonstrated include:  native processing of XPS files on Vista™; a PDF retained raster feature that significantly speeds up the processing of variable data in PDF files; and a soft-proofing feature that allows the print service provider to quickly create a PDF that represents exactly how a job will appear on press for customer approvals. Also on show will be several of the in-RIP features that give the Harlequin RIP workflow-like capability including in-RIP simple imposition for two-up and four-up conventional and digital print; and the award-winning in-RIP font emulation for time-critical applications such as print- on-demand, newspapers and magazines.  Global Graphics is demonstrating the Harlequin RIP’s compliance with the JDF1.3 specification as part of a multiple vendor workflow in the CIP4 JDF Experience Parc (in the dip, Hall7) in collaboration with Dynagram, GamSys and NovaVision. The Harlequin PLUS Server RIP is explained in more detail in a separate press release. In 2008 The Harlequin RIP celebrates the twentieth anniversary of its first use in a commercial system.

drupa sees the launch of ( see separate press release), an online community and store for the estimated two hundred thousand Harlequin RIP users throughout the world. It provides a comprehensive range of RIP-related information, makes it easy to evaluate and purchase products that add features to the RIP, and provides a service to match users who want to upgrade to the current version of the RIP with a supplier.  Visitors to drupa will be encouraged to register their Harlequin RIP to join the online community to benefit from these services.

Global Graphics is previewing its eDocument Library, showing a number of applications that demonstrate its comprehensive capabilities for file format conversion, manipulation, analysis and optimization as well as support for industry standard Page Description Languages such as PostScript, PDF, PCL, XPS and proprietary formats.  On show is a new server application, built using the eDocument Library, to convert XPS files into reliable PDF for web, office, archiving or print. The application has been developed by Global Graphics’ partner Actino Software from Germany and is designed for automated workflows in a corporate or prepress environment. The demo shows a configurable integration into SWITCH, the hotfolder-based  workflow system from EskoArtwork.  Also on show is a technology demo to illustrate the eDocument Library’s capabilities for data and template merging as required in transactional and transpromo printing.

Global Graphics’ technology is at the heart of many digital proofing, computer-to-plate, digital press, digital printers/ copiers and document management systems worldwide and the company will have a large presence at drupa with more than 20 companies showing industry-leading applications and workflow solutions created using its technology, including: Agfa, Compose, EFI, Highwater, Hewlett Packard , Screen, ECRM, Kodak Graphic Communications Group, PressTek, Quark, and Xitron.

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