Global Graphics takes action to prevent Harlequin RIP off

The Torrent RIP has been associated with the Harlequin RIP since 1996 when it was introduced by HighWater Designs Ltd. , then a Global Graphics’ customer. Recently, HighWater Designs went into administration and its assets were purchased by a third party.

In Global Graphics’ opinion,  HighWater CTP’s use of the Torrent brand, when referring to Studio RIP, is a cynical hook to attract Harlequin RIP customers.  These attempts are inevitably causing confusion in the marketplace. Global Graphics’ operations director Neil Wylie says “Contrary to any impression which might be left by HighWater CTP marketing, Global Graphics wish to point out that quite simply there is no connection between Studio RIP and Harlequin.  Global Graphics are naturally very concerned that HighWater CTP’s use of the Torrent brand, when referring to Studio, might cause thousands of Harlequin RIP users to believe wrongly that Studio is Harlequin- based when it clearly isn’t. Such use of the Torrent brand by HighWater CTP is in danger of misleading the Harlequin customer base.”

The Harlequin RIP is known for its high-performance and reliability notably in production intensive environments.  It is widely used for digital printing, proofing, workflow and to drive Computer-to-Plate devices.

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