Global Graphics unveils work with Intel on mobile printing

A major advance in mobile printing is unveiled today by Global Graphics (NYSE-Euronext: GLOG) at the Lyra Imaging Symposium in California. The solution, based on technology from Intel® and Global Graphics, makes it possible for Smartphone users to print Office documents, images and PDF directly to any local printer without the need to install printer drivers or be connected to the Internet.  The proof of concept is being shown in a live demonstration by Intel® and Global Graphics to delegates from major printer OEMs in a Lyra key note presentation.

The solution uses standard Bluetooth or WiFi to send the file to the printer.  The Intel® Atom® processor and the Global Graphics Harlequin RIP® are embedded in the printer for the optimum combination of quality and performance.  The solution can be installed in any new printer product line, and, significantly, legacy printers that are already in the field can be enabled via an external box that processes files for delivery to that printer.

 “Smartphone and tablet users expect to be able to print their documents whenever they want”, says Gary Fry, Global Graphics’ chief executive officer.  “A quality solution that is easy to use has not been available to the growing population of users who replace their laptops with mobile devices. Our solution is the first that will satisfy this growing need and represents a major opportunity for printer OEMs.”

“The mobile print solutions that are available today – Apple Airprint, HP ePrint, for example – are either complicated for the user, need an Internet connection, consume too much battery on the mobile device, or are too slow. With the Intel/Global Graphics solution, there are no such issues:  users simply pair their mobile device to any local printer. They can forget the security concerns that exist with sending documents into the Cloud, although if users do want to print via the Cloud they will be able to do that as well.”  

Today most business travelers print from their laptops.  With the Intel/Global Graphics solution they can leave their laptops at home. When they need to print they will use their phone to search for nearby printers using WiFi to find an Intel/Global Graphics enabled printer.  They simply pair their Smartphone to the printer and print quickly, securely and correctly.

“Even at proof of concept stage”, continues Fry, “results from our internal labs using various test files show that printing performance and print quality are looking very good.” he continued. “By moving the processing of office files from the mobile device onto the printer, layout quality and fidelity is significantly improved in comparison with Apple’s AirPrint.  Also, our performance is significantly higher than that achieved by HP’s ePrint. This is very encouraging for the future potential of our embedded printing software.”

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