Global Graphics launches version 3.0 of popular Jaws® RIP

A new release of the Jaws® RIP, launched today by Global Graphics Software, contains a host of new features for wide format, specialty printing and software applications, and gives performance increases averaging up to  500% over its predecessor.

The Jaws RIP is used extensively by leading industry players such as Wasatch, Onyx, Quark, Pitney Bowes and Canon Finetech, and for applications as diverse as wide and grand format output, textile, ceramic and silkscreen printing, high-speed file conversion, and PDF creation.  More than 5 million copies of the Jaws RIP have shipped to users worldwide since 2000 when Global Graphics bought this technology from 5D.

New in Jaws 3.0 are 64-bit memory management, dynamic memory management and multi-threaded architecture which, combined, make this new version the fastest ever with performance improvements of between 300% and 500% over the previous version.  Other new features include improved transparency tiling and optimized blending for faster processing, enhanced support for ICC color correction and improved font handling and compatibility.

Kendal Madsen, director of engineering, Onyx Graphics, Inc. says, “Onyx Graphics is a market leader in the large format printing industry.  Key to the success of Onyx has been the use of the Jaws RIP engine which we use for both PostScript and PDF file processing.  Our customers have come to rely on the quality, consistency, and reliability produced by the Jaws RIP.   I have been impressed through the years at the ease at which we are able to integrate each new update of the Jaws engine into our product.  We are currently implementing Jaws 3 and are excited to take advantage of the new multi-threaded capabilities.”

Michael Ware, president of Wasatch Computer Technology, LLC, said, "We have been using the Jaws RIP core since 1993. We find it to be fast and highly functional. One of the reasons we have stayed with Jaws and Global Graphics for nearly 20 years is their commitment to service and their continued enhancement of the Jaws product line."

Larry Spevak, the president ColorBurst Systems uses the Jaws RIP as the basis for the Overdrive RIP that can drive any inkjet printer. He comments “our OverDrive 2 product uses Jaws 3.0 for a range of rendering functions from driving the output to creating thumbnails and previews. The benefits of Jaws 3.0 are significant speed increase for jobs, especially when they are rotated in the RIP. Additionally, there’s better support for live transparencies for handling complex files from InDesign & Illustrator.”

The Jaws RIP is compact and fast and has an open architecture that gives OEMs and application developers the flexibility to implement a wide range of their own choice of features including third-party screening and color management across Windows, Mac and Linux.  

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Global Graphics (NYSE-Euronext: GLOG) is a leading developer of printing and electronic document software. Its high-performance solutions are at the heart of products from customers such HP, Fuji Xerox, Agfa, Onyx and Wasatch. Additional information is available at http://www.globalgraphics.comGlobal Graphics and the Jaws RIP, are trademarks of Global Graphics Software Limited which may be registered in certain jurisdictions.  Global Graphics is a trademark of Global Graphics S.A. which may be registered in certain jurisdictions. PostScript is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated which may be registered in certain jurisdictions. All other brand and product names are the registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.


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