Global Graphics and Global Inkjet Systems enter strategic agreement

Processing speed and PDF compatibility are amongst the features that have led Global Inkjet Systems (GIS) to select Global Graphics’ Harlequin Host Renderer for their uniti™ Operating System.

GIS is a leading provider of software drivers and electronics for industrial inkjet printheads used in a wide range of applications including labels, packaging, ceramic tiles, laminate flooring, textiles and high speed variable data systems. Global Graphics is the developer of the Harlequin RIP, the PDF and PostScript® compatible RIP that, in independent tests conducted by the Rochester Institute of Technology last year, was shown to deliver pages at over 20 times the rate required by the leading label press with just one RIP.

GIS has integrated the Harlequin Host Renderer into its software drivers to provide a fast PDF RIP, capable of handling variable data even when the file is not constructed in PDF/VT.  GIS is also licensing Harlequin ColorPro™ to give accurate and consistent colour reproduction, which is a key factor in labelling and packaging applications.

Nick Geddes, CEO of GIS commented “The Global Graphics products offer the speed and performance needed to meet the requirements of certain customers in labelling, packaging and book printing-type applications. Being able to offer the option of the Harlequin products as part of the uniti™ Operating System significantly enhances what we can provide to customers with demanding applications.”

The speed achieved by version 3 of the Harlequin Host Renderer is due to a number of significant new features each of which increases processing speed so that pages pass through the RIP at a faster pace than ever before.  Harlequin VariData™ accelerates the processing time of regular PDF files containing variable data including, but not only, PDF/VT files; and Harlequin Parallel Pages™ allows the RIP to interpret one page while it’s still rendering the previous one. This gives print providers the maximum advantage of multi-core computers. The Harlequin Host Renderer is also available as a 64-bit build to access additional memory when it’s needed for pages with large amounts of data.

Jonathan Wilson, director of business development at Global Graphics Software said, “GIS’ innovative industrial inkjet operating system and the performance of Harlequin Host Renderer and its colour engine combine to form a powerful offering to the market.”

The Harlequin RIP drives the HP Indigo digital press range as well as HP’s IHPS high speed web presses.  It’s to be found in an increasing number of digital press solutions from light to medium volume up to ultra-high volume, including solutions from SIS, TKS and Miyakoshi.  

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About Global Graphics
Global Graphics (NYSE-Euronext: GLOG) is a leading developer of printing and electronic document software. Its high-performance solutions are at the heart of products from customers such HP, Fuji Xerox, Agfa and Kodak. Additional information is available at

About Global Inkjet Systems
Founded in 2006, Global Inkjet Systems (GIS) has rapidly expanded to become a leading developer of fully integrated printhead operating systems. GIS Print Manager Boards, Head Interface Boards, Drivers and User Interface Software with the GIS Variable Data RIP are designed to work reliably in rugged industrial settings and are currently being used in key industrial printing applications such as ceramics, labels, textiles, plastic cards, wide format graphics, 3D printing and materials deposition.  

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