Global Graphics debuts new generation of electronic document solutions at DMS

Global Graphics is previewing its powerful new solution for creating document and print management systems at DMS in the PDF/A Competence Centre (Hall 7, Stand G 059).  The eDocument Library™ will be shown in a transactional processing application, assembling documents combining variable data and content from templates, and converting them to different document formats to illustrate the ease with which eDocument Library can be configured to support business processes, such as integrating with databases, accounting systems and producing personalized customer communication.

“eDocument Library has been developed with quality, accuracy and performance in mind”, says James Bidewell, Global Graphics’ director of eDocument sales. “ Not only can you create applications that can convert in and out of multiple document formats and faithfully retain the appearance and characteristics of the source document, but eDocument Library can generate documents quickly and process vast quantities of information at great speed, up to several hundred documents per second, distributed over multiple servers.”  

Desktop and dynamic publishing expert Quark has already announced that it intends to base new features in forthcoming products on eDocument Library. Media technology specialist Dainippon Screen has launched a new application in Japan that is based on eDocument Library and allows office users to flip through the pages of multiple electronic documents on their computer monitor, just like turning the pages of a book, without the need to launch application software to view the files.  

eDocument Library is a framework for document manipulation, analysis and conversion, designed to enable a very wide variety of applications that need to interact with electronic document formats.  eDocument Library can be used to build applications that:

  • Create simple documents from database records, tracking and logging applications and other data sources
  • Programmatically create more complex, template-based documents for customized document delivery, whether that is part of a database report generator, an on-line information portal or a kiosk. Pages can be saved as PDF, PDF/A, PDF/X or XPS.
  • Integrate with scanning applications

Or simply to:

  • Convert documents from one format into another, for example if you need to process files submitted from outside your organization
  • Provide batch conversions into PDF/A for archiving purposes
  • Convert files as part of a migration process
  • Convert files for submission to another organization, such as a government agency

The engine at the heart of the eDocument Library is powerful enough to provide multiple file format conversions.  Any number of Page Description Languages can be added including PDF, PostScript®, PCL, XPS, proprietary formats, and open standards such as PDF/A and PDF/X.  With eDocument Library the application developer also has unprecedented access to page-level and object-level information. Via the comprehensive Application Programming Interface eDocument Library offers complete access to and manipulation of the objects, parameters and metadata of a document during the conversion process, including text, images, fonts, color space.  Page-level access to documents is also possible including page orientation, bookmarks, annotations, thumbnails and page labeling.

eDocument Library will be used as the underlying technology for a range of new turnkey enterprise applications.  For further information please contact or Global Graphics’ distributors Actino GmbH ( ) and Lenzinger GmbH (

Global Graphics is a long-standing advocate of industry standards, sitting on numerous international standards bodies.   Martin Bailey, Global Graphics’ chief technology officer is the primary UK representative on ISO PDF/A committee.

Editors notes

About Global Graphics
Global Graphics Software ( is the developer of the Harlequin RIP, Jaws RIP, Jaws PDF technologies and eDocument Library software for document applications. Its customer base of OEMs, system integrators, software developers and resellers include the world’s leading vendors of digital pre-press systems, large-format color printers, color proofing systems, copiers and printers for the corporate and SOHO markets and software applications. Global Graphics Software is a subsidiary of Global Graphics S.A. (NYSE Euronext:GLOG)

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