Global Graphics selected to demonstrate performance capabilities of advanced MPC8536 processor from Freescale Semiconductor

Global Graphics’ embedded software is running on Freescale Semiconductor’s MPC8536E PowerQUICC® III processor at the Freescale Technology Forum in Japan to show the high-performance that it is possible to achieve in next-generation printing devices by combining a single core processor with Global Graphics’ powerful Harlequin PLUS Embedded technology. Freescale introduced the MPC8536E device today at the event.

Measuring interpretation and rendering speeds against the popular JEITA test files, the demonstration achieves speeds in excess of 70 ppm (CMYK 1 bit per pixel).   Global Graphics is also making a technology presentation to show how further performance gains are possible with multi-core processing, underlining the breadth of single and multi-core solutions and price points available to peripheral manufacturers.

“We are pleased to work with Global Graphics to help meet the demanding requirements of next generation multifunction printing technology” said Don Shin, senior marketing analyst for Freescale Semiconductor’s Networking Systems Division.  “By pairing the MPC8536E processor with Harlequin PLUS Embedded technology, OEMs can create advanced, high performance printing products that deliver the features and functionality required for success in today’s competitive MFP markets.”

The demonstration uses Global Graphics’ Evaluation Kit for the Harlequin PLUS Embedded SDK  that allows printer manufacturers to evaluate performance on different Run Time Operating Systems and hardware platforms.  In this demonstration the Harlequin PLUS Embedded RIP is outputting 1-bit screened CMYK color raster at 600dpi, and 8-bit CMYK contone color raster at 600dpi.  The MPC8536DS board is configured to run its CPU at 1.5GHz (1500 MHz Core / 500 MHz CCB / 667 MHz Async DDR).  

The Harlequin PLUS Embedded SDK provides fast and efficient support for multiple Page Description Language formats, including PostScript Language Levels 1, 2 and 3, PCL 5e/5c/XL, PDF 1.0 – 1.7 and XPS  across a wide range of embedded controller architectures and operating systems while enabling the printer manufacturer to achieve low costs and rapid time to market.  

The Harlequin PLUS Embedded SDK offers a compact and efficient software kernel with a modular architecture that enables small footprint and low memory operation. These characteristics, combined with highly configurable support for multiple PDL formats and sophisticated graphics and color handling routines, present a software solution that is suitable for a wide range of devices and whose extensive configuration options facilitate integration with printer controller software.

Flexible application programming interfaces allow for easy integration of OEM or third-party intellectual property including color management, font handling, and screening or compression/decompression technology.    A scalable consumption solution enables peripheral manufacturers to add native XPS rendering on the printer controller board while minimizing the resources on that device.

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