Decision regarding the adoption of the recommendations relating to the compensation of Executive Directors issued by the AFEP and MEDEF

The Board of Directors voted with unanimous consent that the Company should adopt these recommendations, the majority of which have already been implemented by the Company, as they are in line with the Company’s corporate governance principles.

With respect to the specific situation of the Company, the Board of Directors also voted that it may depart from, or adapt some of these recommendations, notably the following: those relating to the termination of an existing employment contract in the event of the appointment to an executive position; and those relating to the grant of share options or shares at no cost to a recipient on which occasion the Board may decide not to comply with the obligation to acquire a defined quantity of shares upon exercise of options, or not to set the relative proportion of these grants to executive directors compared with their total remuneration.

The report drafted by the Chairman of the Board of Directors in accordance with applicable provisions of article L.225-38 of the Commercial Code will explain why certain of the October 2008 AFEP/MEDEF recommendations were not adopted by the Company and will also set out the rules used by the Company in that respect.

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