Global Graphics’ gDoc Fusion approved for sale to US Federal Government

Pages from documents are combined with a simple drag and drop action. Users drag in the files to assemble spreadsheets, slides, images, text, PDFs, pick the pages they want and press save – no extra formatting or conversion is required.  Legacy file formats are also supported so that, in the case of a corporate merger or acquisition, for example, when documents may need to be retrieved from legacy technology systems for forensic accounting, valuable corporate knowledge can be accessed.

Gary Fry, CEO, Global Graphics, comments: “We know that office workers can waste hours each week trying to combine documents together into reports. While technology is supposed to be making our lives easier, we are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of different document types required for basic tasks. The feedback from US government agencies is that they are very excited about what gDoc Fusion offers because it solves a common business problem. We are delighted that through the GSA government agencies will have access to gDoc Fusion at very attractive volume discounts.”

Global Graphics’ market research shows that 52% of office workers find it difficult to create a new document, such as a summary report, from a variety of different file formats. With the rise of different software applications in the workplace, the company believes there is a need for simplification tools to reduce the complexity of day-to-day tasks.

Angela Eager, senior analyst at Ovum, comments: “Ovum believes that the solution is very timely and well aligned with the requirements of enterprises that require an inexpensive and flexible way to quickly assemble documents from pages in different formats for tasks such as report creation.”

The GSA approval has been awarded to Global Graphics’ US reseller Annapolis Technologies: GS-35F-0021L. gDoc Fusion can be trialled for free for 30 days by downloading the software from and is also available from a number of selected resellers worldwide.

Editors notes

Review copies and screenshots of gDoc Fusion are available.

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